Why should you build a limited liability company in cooperation with our accounting firm?

Business process

Complexity and Professionalism

The process of co-creating a new commercial law entity from our side requires the full support of the stakeholders. We provide: complete advice regarding the organisation of the institution, preparation of the articles of association, setting a convenient date for the notary's signature, submission of the documentation to the National Court Register and obtaining REGON and NIP numbers. Our professional service will also enable the new company to start a functioning business within 3 days after receiving the shareholders' requirements. This is possible thanks to our full commitment to all the tasks that have been entrusted to us.

Business Achievement

Experience and safety

With our registrations, we have been supporting the creation of commercial companies. Our experienced employees, in cooperation with legal advisors and notaries, guarantee a full management of the process of creating a new organisation. We always develop a business agreement tailored to the needs of the stakeholders and provide convenient conditions for its notarial signature. The procedure followed in the creation of the institution guarantees the safety of the stakeholders and ensures the fulfilment of all necessary requirements during the registration of the institution in the National Register of Courts.

Dollar Fundraise

Reducing costs and expenses

When a commercial company is founded, the stakeholders pay only the court and notary fees. This single fact ensures the reduction of costs and guarantees the profitability of the cooperation. In addition, the establishment of a company offers investors measurable benefits through professional advice in the field of commercial law and commercial and accounting knowledge. In addition, it avoids the additional costs of legal advice and guarantees a very fast action. All of these aspects speak in favour of the creation of a new company and prove the absurdity of purchasing already registered companies (which, after all, would cost money), as well as incurring additional notarial and court costs related to the change of data. The creation of a new entity also removes the risk of uncertainty related to the (legal, accounting and economic) past of an acquired company.

Intellectual Property


In connection with the cooperation in the establishment of new legal entities, we take responsibility for the accuracy of the documentation we prepare for the registration. We also ensure the accuracy of, among other things, bookkeeping, human resources and payroll, and a virtual office, which give our clients a comfort feeling resulting from the cooperation with an experienced and reliable business partner.

Female Business Leader

Individual matching

We always adapt our services to the owners' individual plans. We ensure a careful selection of the agreement stipulations of the company that guarantees investors' specific needs are met, and we guide the process of establishing and registering the company so that they are relieved of their tasks as much as possible. Thanks to this agreement, the establishment of a limited liability company is an accelerated process that allows the stakeholders to focus on the strategic planning of the newly established company's business.

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