Why is it better to entrust your accounting to a professional accounting firm?

The answer to this question is simple, the entrepreneur would have many fewer problems and more free time to develop his or her business.

Every entrepreneur has so many things to do and decide when he opens his business, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a company under commercial law. Putting your own resources and time into it increases the risk of losing the vision of the business.

In particular, investors expanding into new markets abroad find themselves in a more difficult situation. It is a foreign environment under many aspects: the language, a new culture, a different mental attitude and a different legislative system.

Poland has happily been a member of the European Union for many years and much of the law has been standardised, but there are still significant discrepancies.

The options are:

I’ll do it myself

The Polish language is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn.(delete in Polish) Although there are many foreigners who have a good knowledge of this language, most of them are people who have been living in Poland for many years, they run businesses and have started families.

For a person new to this country, it is very easy to get lost in the complex regulations and procedures, made even more complicated by a fairly difficult language.

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I will hire an internal accountant

In order to relocate his or her business idea to the Polish market, a foreign investor can of course find an honest Polish accountant employee who is fluent in at least one foreign language, preferably his or her own.

After some training, if the person is skilled and suitable for your company’s environment, you can assign him or her the full range of administrative and accounting tasks, but do not forget that this means providing him or her with adequate equipment and up-to-date software and licences.

Moreover, there is always a significant risk that the employee might change his job, leaving you uncovered, at least until you find another one. Or, more simply, he or she may fall ill, causing you periods of inactivity. 

Last but not least, maybe even the most important point, is the fact that the fundamental knowledge of one employee will always be less up-to-date than the knowledge of a group of people working in an accounting firm.

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Other accounting firms

You may find the right accounting office for your needs, but a key element for a foreign investor is qualified staff with knowledge of foreign languages.

For both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, having an office equipped with appropriate, up-to-date and legally compliant software, such as ours, is crucial. 

Our decades of experience have taught us to work with diverse sectors and to keep updating ourselves constantly at the same speed as legislation often changes. Will another firm be able to compete with our value for money?


Choose us

Many benefits, no disadvantages. The certified accountants and auditors in our team are constantly trained on legislation changes related to the rights and duties of entrepreneurs. Thanks to this regular updating, we are able to guarantee you a highly professional service. IDEA accounting firm offers you a complete portfolio of services, guiding you from the establishment of a company or business, its management and maintenance during its existence, to its eventual closure. Relying on us, you completely avoid the risk of non-productive periods caused by your time management problems or generated by such mundane reasons as the employees’ illness.

Why should you work with an accounting firm like IDEA?

Experience and safety

We have many years of experience, supported by success, in providing accounting services. Our highly qualified employees provide a professional and reliable service. Many years of experience, constant improvement of knowledge and cooperation with certified auditors, tax and legal advisors guarantee the quality and reliability of the provided services. In addition, our accounting department is covered by liability insurance.

Comprehensiveness and professionalism

We offer complete services provided by specialists from various fields, with the cooperation of experienced business partners. We guarantee professional and committed performance of all the tasks entrusted to us.


Our accounting office assumes responsibility for the accuracy and punctuality of tax and accounting requirements from our customers, giving in return the feeling of comfort as a result of working with an experienced and reliable partner.

Individual matching

The extent of our services is always adapted to the specific needs of our clients. We provide accurate solutions to accounting issues, with the focus on consulting to make the right business decisions, supporting the company's development.

Dollar Hand

Reducing costs and expenses

Outsourcing an accountant managed by our office generates lower costs than employing qualified employees. Furthermore, it does not imply any expenses for employees’ benefits or sick and holiday leaves. In addition, we offer the development and implementation of tax optimisation, which guarantees the reduction of tax burden.

A good accountant is the bedrock of business, and every entrepreneur knows it.

Bad accounting can expose the entrepreneur not only to losses, but also to penalties and fines.

Don’t risk, rely on us!

See how low is the cost of the comfort given by a service run by professionals

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